About Us


To create how we live, to capture the essence of everyday life, from simplistic to elegant, in affordable and durable qualities that inspire and accentuate home décor.

Peruse our product line and you be the judge; do we meet the expectations of our own philosophy?  Our customers tell us yes!  “Everything for a door entry”, “One stop shopping for your door and the hammock assortment is fabulous.”

Our 2018 line offers a broader spectrum of products that are innovative, colorful and more than any other doormat manufacturer has ever achieved.

Our success and growth, our customer loyalty and our brand recognition exemplify this achievement as seen in multiple venues including Rachel Ray, HGTV, Houzz and more.

A home entry is your greeting and should reflect your style.  Gone is the era of plain mats that serve only to clean shoe bottoms.  Consumers want style, colors, multiple size choices and different qualities-plus great cleaning properties.  Be it a stylish monogram, a rubber design in a neoclassic ironwork pattern or a bear riding a bike, we have it because we don’t just watch the trends, we create them.

Driven to meet every doormat need, our size selection begins with apartment suitable and increases to elaborate double door mansion sizes.  Our category selections include traditional, contemporary, seasonal, novelty, monogrammed and commercial.  We really do have something for every taste in durable and affordable qualities.

While doormats comprise a substantial part of our product line, our hammocks and screens also offer outdoor and indoor individuality.  Check out our chair swings, our hammocks and stands and our colorful line of screens.

Our manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A and abroad operate 24/7 to meet every demand.

Make our commitment to you, your commitment to your customers.